Have Draye Speak…

Have Draye Speak…

At Your Next Event!

At Your Next Event!

Many speakers both inspire and motivate the audience during their keynote presentations.   However, within days, the effect has worn off and most individuals return back to their normal state of reality.   — That doesn’t happen with Draye’s keynotes.

The audience will be entertained with cutting edge content that can be immediately implemented into their business. They will leave feeling exhilarated with actionable strategies and tactics that will help them create massive shifts across all aspects of their business and personal lives. Your audience will be blown away with the stories, the inspiration and magic that will help make your event a success.


Mindful Marketing


The “I Care About You Method”


In today’s modern marketing society, customers are completely inundated with unwanted and unappealing messaging from companies that they care nothing about.   In this keynote, learn how you can best remove your organization from the clutter and hype in order to establish actual deep conversations and engagement with your audience.

How 49¢ Generated
Six Million Dollars

How To Use Direct Mail To Engage Your Existing Customers and Clients and Acquire New Ones


Direct Mail isn’t dead.   In fact, it is probably more alive than ever…  While online marketing can be an incredible profitable endeavour, offline marketing can help to build your brand recognition, improve your customer Lifetime Value and keep your clients spending their money with you month after month.  This keynote will walk the audience through the two distinct methods in which Direct Mail can be fully optimized and utilized to make massive returns.


Why Millennials Matter  

How to Reach and Communicate With The (soon to be) Largest Purchasing Group In History


Millennials are different.  They communicate different, they interact differently & they want to feel as though they matter to the businesses around them.  This keynote will establish the necessary baseline for you to engage, interact and communicate with the audience that will inevitably fuel your business’s future growth.